“Use her knowledge, be open minded. Your body and your baby have got this you just need to trust yourself and trust this wonderful woman to allow you to enjoy your birth experience the way nature intended. I have no doubt it will also be one of the best decisions you make.”
Kayleigh, second-time mum


My birth services will always be tailored to suit the individual requirements of each person/couple. Below are examples of services that can be included in a bespoke package tailored to your individual needs:

Free no obligation meet and chat.


Antenatal sessions in your home, which include:
• Discussing your hopes, wishes, fears and expectations
• Learning about the various pathways to birth, including birth physiology, hormones, birth place, interventions and pain management
• Helping you to consider your birthing preferences and write your Birth Plan.
• Discussing ways of supporting you through labour including relaxation, breathing techniques, massage and various comfort measures.
• Email, phone and messaging support throughout pregnancy to answer any questions and offer additional support.

On call 24/7 ten days before your EDD until week 42 (flexible).

Supporting you through your labour and birth with:
• Continuous emotional and physical support
• Protecting your space; creating a pause to give you time to make informed, evidence based decisions
• Use of aromatherapy, rebozo, massage, accupressure, optimal birth positioning, breathing and grounding techniques if needed.

Once your baby has arrived, I will stay with you for the first few hours, until you and your baby are settled. Help and support for first feed after birth.

Debrief session in your home a week or two after birth.

Access to my library of books.

Hypnobirthing support including 5 visualisation MP3s and The Calm Birth Method book.

I can accompany you to midwife and consultant appointments by arrangement.


We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” ~ Brene Brown

It’s not just the baby who’s born after birth; the mother is too. I will provide a supportive, nurturing environment to help you become the mum you’d like to be.


Services depend on the family’s needs, but might include:

• Help and support with feeding, bath time, nappy changes, calming and soothing

• Looking after older children while you spent time with your baby

• Looking after your baby while you have a nap, a soak in the bath, spend time with your older children or take some uninterrupted me time.

• Light housework, cooking simple meals, shopping, errands or any other chores to help make your day run more smoothly

• Signposting local groups and service you may benefit from

• A friendly, non-judgemental ear to help you navigate those early weeks.


Please get in touch to discuss package prices. I am happy to work out payment plans, so let’s have a chat about how this would work for you. If you feel you would like to have a doula but are unable to meet the costs please visit the Doula UK Access Fund.

Contact me to book a free phone consultation.


Shared care is two doulas working together to support your pregnancy and birth, both bringing our experience and skills.

Due to high demand I also offer an option of shared care with my fantastic doula partners Natalie Harrison and Alex Burner.


We attend all the antenatal sessions together so you get to know us both equally well and we both go on-call for you; meaning that during your birth you are guaranteed to be supported by one of us – a familiar face who you already know and trust. It also means in the case of an emergency we have no need to call in an emergency back-up who you would not know.

Should you have a very long labour it also means that we can seamlessly swap in with each other providing you with a familiar doula who is best equipped to support you. The fee is the same as hiring us individually. So you get two amazing doulas for the price of one!

As a Doula I do not perform any clinical tasks; make decisions for you; project my beliefs onto your experience.