“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we think you made our birth & pregnancy the most special experience it could’ve been.”
Kim & Alex

I will support you through this wonderful journey and help you to prepare for birth and beyond.  I can provide emotional, practical support to help you gain confidence and trust your body’s instincts. 

Once baby is here, my support can continue and I will help you be the mother you want to be. Looking back, I wish had postnatal support, it is invaluable and I want the very best for my clients

No matter how you choose to birth your baby, I will support you through this wonderful journey and help you to prepare for birth and beyond. I can provide emotional, practical support to help you gain confidence and trust your body’s intuition.

Because the actions you take and the decisions you make, can positively impact your birth experience!




Michelle was my doula and post-natal doula for the birth of my first child. She was extremely supportive not just to me but for my husband as well. I attribute most of my positive birthing experience to Michelle.


Michelle assisted us with the preparation of our birthing preferences list and took us through a road map of how labour would progress. Michelle supported our choices whilst offering guidance on things we had not thought of.

During labour, Michelle gave us confidence in knowing that labour was progressing normally. Her presence was calming and allowed us to relax as much as possible. My husband was able to sleep for a couple of hours whilst Michelle looked after me. She was so supportive reminding me to breathe for every contraction and to keep breathing during every contraction. She anticipated all of my needs, making sure that I stayed hydrated and had lots of energy.

As a post-natal doula, Michelle, helped us with everything; from having someone to talk to in the early days, to answering questions, to offering support when we disagreed with the health visitor, to helping with the house work and making us meals. She was the perfect post-natal visitor!
Michelle was absolutely fantastic and I cannot imagine going through labour without her.


To summarise the wonderfully unique and positive impact Michelle had on the birth of our second born son is a pretty impossible task. So let me start by saying, hiring Michelle was one of the best decisions we made when it came to the birth, a close runner to the decision to have a home water birth itself.


Michelle is quite simply a star with an awesome personality!! She has tremendous knowledge of birth and the biomechanics of the human body, an absolute must and a godsend in birth. Not forgetting the wonderful kit bag of skills which I implore anyone to trust and try. Her passion, dedication and that knowledge shines through at every opportunity, above all else Michelle brings a unique confidence and a genuine love to the environment. She listens intently, using both intuition and knowledge when it’s needed most.

Finally for me personally the moment Michelle walked into my home during my birth. It all changed, it was as if her presence relaxed me, allowed me to feel safe and my labour stepped up a gear. Within only a few hours of what was an absolutely beautiful calm and mindful birth, my baby boy was born in the water so peaceful and perfect. Michelle stayed with me whenever I wanted her, she managed the midwives and ensured they respected all wishes and finally was also a total rock for my husband. She gave him the reassurance he needed both before and during the birth. Even he was a total convert as to amazing impact the RIGHT doula can have.

Michelle has a wonderful skill of being what ever you need or want her to be during your birth. For me she was like a best friend who happened to be an expert in birth. She made me feel as if my family and I were her number one priority, not only during birth but even on the run up.
As I am sure you can tell I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to anyone for both preparation of birth and the magical event itself. Both my husband and I would without a doubt hire Michelle again if we were to have a third, I almost couldn’t imagine my birth without her.
Use her knowledge, be open minded. Your body and your baby have got this you just need to trust yourself and trust this wonderful women to allow you to enjoy your birth experience the way nature intended. I have no doubt it will also be one of the best decisions you make.


Already planning the next with  Michelle in mind! I am so grateful we have found Michelle and have had her support birth of our little boy. We couldn’t wish for more!


It was my second birth but first at home, and Michelle with her vast experience of home births was invaluable in guiding us how to prepare practically and mentally. I truly enjoyed the prep sessions we’ve had with her, they enabled us to talk through all our options and eventualities. On the big day she was incredibly supportive, her kindness, energy and sheer belief in me just kept me going. She would not rest and was by my side every minute of it (and there were plenty!) offering words of encouragement, massage, water, snacks and anything else that was helpful at that point. My baby turned back to back just a week before birth and I cannot even imagine what would happen if we didn’t have Michelle.

She is incredibly knowledgeable about biomechanics and guided me through various positions before and during birth which helped to turn baby into the perfect position making the birth easier. My husband is already talking about the next baby and having Michelle support us as a doula again…. !

She is just incredible, can’t recommend highly enough x


Best decision ever!!! I’m a first time mum and really had a limited understanding of what really happens in labour. Michelle was instantly personable and throughout the pregnancy she was informative, supportive and empowering.


No question was too random and she drew on a wealth of experience to help in any way she could, in the lead up to and during the labour. Her support fully enabled me and my husband to go into labour feeling excited and prepared and she is absolutely the reason we had such a positive birth experience. I fully recommend her services and have already booked her for my second!!


Dear Michelle, I just wanted you to let you know that I thought your support of your client in labour was amazing. You were supportive, kind, warm and very appropriate in your management.


Things did not go straightforward but you kept your client calm and reassured while the medical staff were dealing with the emergency. Your unfailing support gave your client the ‘wings’ she needed to get through her difficult time, so positive was her experience that there is no negativity about a less than straightforward birth.

I am the senior Midwife co-ordinator at SMH Bristol and have worked with many Doulas and your support and dedication, I feel cannot be matched. I look forward to working with you again.


At the time of writing my daughter is 4 month old, and now that we are adjusting to our new life, I feel the need to let every interested future parent know what an amazing experience we had with Michelle Morgan-Smith.


During labour and delivery, I distinctly remember hearing her calm. confident voice coming through the rush and bustle; reminding me about what was happening and how to move through the pain. Eventually my birth was quite medicalised and Michelle helped me understand everything that happened. She kept looking at me and providing me with anything I needed in that moment. She was the most reassuring person and I really needed that.

Everyone noted that an indeed she received compliments from the staff. One of the midwives, who wrote a reference note for her that night, said she had never met such a great doula. Michelle was my advocate as well, stating what I wanted if possible.

Michelle is someone who goes beyond her role to support you as much as you need. Michelle is highly experienced, educated, open-minded and wise. She is kind, supportive, funny and positive, and we highly recommend her for your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience.